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This is one of the most successful scooters in Vietnam from SYM for under 2,000 USD price range. It's easy to move around, the machine is reliable and cost affordable. If you want performance, then switch for a Honda @, otherwise this is a good option.
This is the first Honda Italia model to be imported and introduced to Vietnamese market at 5,000 - 6,000$ US price range. It has been a fancy urban mover, very convenient where traffic light is almost every block corner. We are the first renting out this model in Hanoi.
This is the first Honda Vietnam's model equipped with cast wheel, which brings the sporty, modern, active and fashionable style. Future Neo GT is developed from the current Future Neo, which is highly evaluated by Vietnamese customers.

Super Dream are designed basing on the traditional Super Dream, which has been highly evaluated by Vietnamese customers for many years.

Besides maintaining the traditionally durable, strong, fuel-saving and friendly with environmental engine, these new models also have outstanding points compared with the current Super Dream.

Being newly designed basing on Wave series & research on Vietnamese customers' taste and demand, Wave RS is a model in harmonious combination between strong sporty design and youthfulness. In addition to keeping strong feature, fuel saving and environmental friendliness of Wave engine - the outstanding point of Honda motorcycle engines, Wave RS Wave RS obtains more outstanding features than Wave Alpha and Wave ZX.
Ha Noi
Temp: 73 °F| 23 °C
Ho Chi Minh
Condition:Scattered Clouds
Temp: 90 °F| 32 °C
Bach Long Vi
Temp: 79 °F| 26 °C
Da Nang
Condition:Scattered Clouds
Temp: 90 °F| 32 °C