Items for motorcycle touring
Items for motorcycle touring
You don't need to bring with you all of your travel bags with you as we provide each bike with a pair of saddlebags, or you can just use your small bag and put it at the back of the bike. You can leave your big bags with us at the company office in Hanoi.
Here are items we suggest for motorcycle touring:

- Clothing: rain gloves, Wellington boots (rubber boots for rainy season from April to September), summer gloves, balaclava, T-shirts, socks & underwear, long sleeved shirts, turtleneck shirts, extra jeans, a light jacket, leather chaps, zip-lock bags, riding boots, bandannas, sunglasses, goggles, and contact lens solution.

- Personal items: basic toiletries, emergency cash, sunscreen and earplugs.

- Emergency items: a first aid kit, emergency contact number, list medical conditions, list medications, a flashlight, chargers and a duct tape.

- Miscellaneous: a small towel, a bath towel, trash bags, camera and cargo net...and probably some gifts for children.
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